Zaimer 12

Composition :

Each film coated tablet contains: Galantamine base 12 mg equivalent 15.379 mg Galantamine HBr.

Indications :

It is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate dementia of Alzheimer type.

Dosage :

The recommended starting dose of Zaimer is 4 mg twice a day ( 8 mg/day ) the dose should be increased initial maintenance dose of 8 mg twice a day ( 16 mg/day ) after a minimum of 4 weeks. A further increase to 12 mg twice a day ( 24 mg/day ) should be attempted after a minimum of 4 weeks at 8 mg twice a day ( 16mg/day ).
Dose increases should be based upon assessment of clinical benefit and tolerability of the previous dose.
Zaimer should be administered twice a day, preferably with morning and evening meals.
Patients should be advised to ensure adequate fluid intake during treatment. If therapy has been interrupted for several days or longer, the patient should be restarted at lowest dose and the dose escalated to the current dose.
In patients with moderately impaired hepatic and renal function the dose should generally not exceed 16 mg/day.
The use of Zaimer in patient with severe renal impairment ( CLcr < 9 ml / min ) and severe hepatic impairment is not recommended.

Packaging :

Box of 10 film coated tablets /20 film coated tablets.