About Company


AlShahba pharmaceutical industries was founded in 1947 and carried out continuous modernization and development based on the latest scientific findings in the field of industry and drug control, and in order to obtain product quality, we apply the concept of good manufacturing and Laboratories  practices GLP / GMP in manufacturing and control during all stages of manufacturing. Our company has been awarded the following certificates :

  • ISO 9001/2000 certified from SGS International.
  • ISO 14001/1996 Certificate from SGS International.
  • OHSAS 18001/1999 certification from SGS International.


alshahba pharmaceutical industries  is committed to implementing the quality, environment, health and occupational health and safety management system with the aim of improving performance in order to reach the achievement of general and interim objectives, which include developing production in quantity and quality, increasing sales, reducing wastage, raising the training level of workers and achieving customer satisfaction by meeting his requirements and raising the quality of the product In order to continue to develop and improve the company’s quality system, in addition to achieving an environmental policy in order to protect human health, optimal use of resources and create awareness, with a commitment to reduce pollution, improve environmental performance, protect air from pollution resulting from the company’s performance, reduce solid and liquid waste, as well as achieve a policy Occupational health and safety by committing to work to reduce the risks arising from the company’s activities and working on continuous improvement of performance in relation to occupational health and safety and compliance with laws and other requirements related to it with setting goals that are reviewed and amended periodically and the policy is communicated to all employees of the company in addition to interested parties

The company is located west of Aleppo in the Mansoura region, which enjoys fresh and clean air.
The area of the company is 10,000 square meters, of which 2,500 square meters are the built-up area, and the remainder is a green area with fruit trees and gardens.